September 2015-Present

Collaborated on workshop curriculum directly designed to tie in thematic elements of current productions. Styled workshops on rhetoric, physical theatre, and character development.  Taught workshops at elementary, middle, and high schools in Montana, Wyoming, Washington, and Idaho including underserved rural populations and several Native Reservations.


February 2016

In collaboration with Susan Wolfe, the resident arts teacher, and Miles Duffey, teaching artist, introduced elements of improv, text, acting, and physical theatre. Focusing on a total school immersion, worked to redefine the school space through exploration and games.

November 2010 - Present

Teaching first person narrative technique, with a focus on enlivening  the story with sensory details and personalization.  Exploring the universal in every story.  Coaching group constructive criticism and story creation. Leading warm-up games, ensemble building exercises, and communication building.

Writers Theatre
January 2015-Present

Novel Series

Developed and facilitated two 10-session in classroom residencies at Cleveland Elementary, and one 10-session residency at McCutcheon Elementary with a focus on literature and bringing text to life. 

Ida Crown Jewish Academy

Designed and led a year long residency that spanned the entire high school exploring classics and American Literature,  culminating in each grade presenting an original performance. 

Willowbrook Elementary

Designed an immersive school wide program to explore identity and group dynamics. Students, K-5th, used creative drama to enact their individual school journey. 

June 2012- Present

Trailblazers Mentor

Collaborate with other mentors and teen/tween actors to devise original shows, explore theatre technique, develop a leadership program, and develop responsible citizenship. 

Neighborhood Bridges

Develop in classroom residency (20 sessions each at Mitchell and Rowe Elementary schools) using literacy through creative drama curriculum, culminating in an original, devised performance.

Rowe Elementary

Year-long 4th and 5th grade drama teacher. Explored ensemble and healthy self-expression through digital storytelling, literature, puppetry, scenes and improv.  Each class ended the year with an original, devised production. 



September 2012-Present


Adults.  First person narrative storytelling technique. Emphasis on story generation exercises and performance technique. 


Pre-K. Creative drama focused on exploration through movement, and bringing stories to life. 

Actors Toolbox

High School. Monologue, cold-reading and audition technique.

Acting Through Imagination

K-5th. Creative drama building on ensemble skills and acting basics. 


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