The work of many organizations goes unnoticed. This workshop is designed specifically to each group's needs and can embolden conversations between departments. I use performance and creative writing based exercises to assist in building a relationship with your audience through your messaging, and also build vocabulary to continue the work collaboratively past the workshop's end.

Stories being shared!


Through the methodology gleaned in improv, collaborative writing, and civic engagement I have designed a workshop that can be laugh out loud funny and also builds trust and provides tools to continue strengthening roads of communication: whether building pathways to the community you serve or emboldening those to work together internally.



Designed to take a group out of its comfort zone and explore all the ways in which we send messages to one another. Effective pathways of communication make your organization's work more efficient and more effective. Using theatre games and goal oriented group exercises it will be full of fun and can be truly eye opening.


Drawing on my experience in theatre and in collaborative writing practice, I customize workshops for your organizational needs. Learn how to engage your audience through storytelling, or build teamwork with a community you serve, or expand on your organization's communication skills internally as well as externally.